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We developed a framework for change management for the CEO to address the needs and sensitivities of key stakeholders. We also provided advice and supported implementation of a new organization structure which enabled the strategies and provided a platform for talents to deliver performance. We framed the Business Plan and provided advice on how to effectively present to the Board of Directors and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We closely coached and mentored the HR function so that it could evolve to support organization changes. We also coached the Business Development and HR teams to develop an M&A playbook covering the essence of Due Diligence to Post-Merger Integration. We continuously provided coaching to the CEO and key talents (including CEO successor candidates) to manage changes and implement business plan effectively.


The company successfully restructured and attracted talents with new capabilities. Post-merger integration of a diversified company was completed and the client was able to secure all key talents of the company in which they acquired a majority stake. The Strategic Plan and Investment Plan (for diversification) were approved and implemented. The CEO has a better focus on strategic tasks while successors to the CEO have improved critical competencies and attributes within two quarters of mentoring. Finally, the company has developed a technology roadmap which is critical for building a new S-Curve.​

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