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Eugene Goh

Eugene started his career in the civil service, where he had stints in the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Transport. He then spent 8.5 years at The Boston Consulting Group, where he worked in their Singapore, Oslo and Dubai offices with a focus on strategy and sustainability topics. Eugene worked primarily with clients in telecoms and the public sector, and also contributed to intellectual property development within BCG as part of the Strategy Institute (now the Bruce Henderson Institute).


Since BCG, Eugene has worked on a number of startups. He ran Aetius Partners, a company that focused on training consulting skills, and served as COO of a shift-based hiring platform, Freeboh Innovations. He continues to advise and work with startups such as Alore, an innovative SaaS company that automates and simplifies sales and marketing processes.


He has an MSc in Economics for Development and a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, both from the University of Oxford.

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